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※Fragments for Viola and ComputerがDIFFRAZIONI MULTIMEDIA FESTIVALにて上演されます。


26TH/31ST MARCH 2019

This festival is an opportunity for connection, celebration, knowledge, development. It is a physical space and a short moment in time where multiple experiences converge, each one originating from different research fields in science, technology, art, expression, communication.

At Diffrazioni we long with all our strength for the achievement of – or at least the insight into – all the ideas, works, fantasies and aims that our modernity expresses in any field of human knowledge: from science to technology, from investigation on conscience to human thought, from artistic expression to creative imagination.
In this sort of cocktail of expressions and extraordinary intelligence and commitment, each of us can look for stimulation of any sort, thus creating new connections and paths inside the human mind, which can perhaps generate new ways to future understanding of science, art, technology, and conscience.

Our aim is to make sure that our public at Diffrazioni will embrace any artistic, scientific, philosophical or technological contributions in their most genuine expression, and consider it as an encounter with a special truth, a most important feature of our modernity which is offered in its peculiarity. This is such an opportunity!
Thus, strolling along these ideas and works, our imagination can be enlightened about new possibilities and new opportunities for our present and our future.
Some relationships, such as those occurring in the fields of mathematics, physics, music, painting, architecture, have been fully experimented since ancient times: Florence and Tuscany stand as bright examples of this through history.
Other more recent connections involve neuroscience, vision, the mechanism of the brain, aesthetics, the perception of space and sound, the concept of form and structure, the logic processes and the deterministic events, randomness and quantum mechanics, along with the new frontiers of biology and with the engagement of any activity of the senses, nanotechnology, interfacing of mind and matter, nature and virtual universes.

Our intention is certainly not to elude certain influential personalities, including very interesting ones, who have offered standardized strategies of interaction among different subjects; however, our aim is to look at the real protagonists of research in any area of expertise, and find the opportunity of a special contact with them, because we believe they constitute the original source of concepts that will enliven future projects. Through Diffrazioni we aim to meet the most significant people who, with their work and in our time, carry human knowledge on in all its dimensions. Our aim is to meet these important persons because their experience, in any specific fields, is a precious and remarkable witness to our time: hence, we hope to offer our audience at Diffrazioni a unique opportunity of personal growth and development.

Alfonso Belfiore
art director


The monumental complex of Le Murate sits the site of the urban men’s prison, which existed until the end of the 1900s. After a great renovation the municipality administration has returned the complex to the city as vast residential, commercial and cultural space. Le Murate.
Contemporary Arts Projects
 is born in the western section of this structure and it aims to spread and support the languages of the contemporary artistic world, working with the city in an open and inclusive way, such as a promotion and production center.

Le Murate Progetti Arte Contemporanea
Piazza delle Murate, Firenze (FI), Italia


The project bases its strength on a system of synergies between institutions of higher artistic education, public administrations, young artists, cultural associations and non-profit organizations. The union of these forces make possible to offer a product of high artistic / cultural quality, of international value at extremely low cost and with a view to laying the groundwork for an annual occurrence.