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Music - Fragments for Viola and Computer

Fragments for viola and computer

Creator : 宮本貴史
Viola : 山本一輝

主催 : Tokyo Media Interaction

This work is a work for a viola and computer. This work is made focusing on the relationship between the physicality of musical instrument playing and the change of sound image by computer.

While the composer creates computer music works, he also perform as a VJ. In that activity, I noticed the importance of the difference in sound impression due to the performance of performers on the stage. In the performance of the instrument there is visual information of the performer’s movement accompanying the performance. Sometimes the impression of sound changes depending on the visual information. In this work, the change of the impression is expanded using a computer.
The material of the sound is not only the sound of viola but also the sound collected by field recording. These sounds are subjected to original sound signal processing using max.